Washer Sanitzer


The Washer Sanitizer fulfils all hygienic requirements in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. By efficiently washing and sanitizing a wide range of personal hygiene products, the risk of cross infection from one patient to another is minimised. The easy to use control panel requires minimal operator setting and once loaded and initiated, the machine completes the rinsing, washing and sanitizing cycle, allowing staff to look after other duties while the machine looks after itself.

Standard equipment:

  • Built-in steam condenser
  • Powerful washing and drain pumps
  • 2 dosing pumps, (detergent and rinse aid)
  • Empty detergent/rinse aid indicators
  • Element drying system
  • Electronic temperature control & display
  • Cycle status indicators
  • Safety door interlock, locks during cycle, releases on completion.
  • Latest generation microprocessor provides self-diagnosis and downloading of historical events via RS232 port
  • Low noise operation
  • Insulation reduces external case temperature to 42°C


  • Plinth-detergent cabinet 600 x 560 x 600 mm (WxDxH)
  • Bowl rack – set of 2; bottom rack holds up to
  • 4 large wash bowls or a bucket, top rack for kidney dishes and smaller bowls and jugs etc.
  • Bedpan and urinal rack accommodates;
  • 4 x urinals and 4 x bedpans.