MA Series | Multi Basin


  • Available in multiples of up to eight units (G3 basins) and six units (G1 basins).
  • Seamless join between bowls
  • Each basin unit is pressed in one seamless piece stainless steel and fabricated together to form a multiple unit
  • 40mm waste
  • 75mm upstand • Brackets are supplied as required by the multiple basin model.


  • Overflow holes provided on request


Model Code(No overflows) Code(Overflows) QTY Length
G3 BP311018 N/A 1 Basin 560mm
M2A BP331106 BP331106-O 2 Basins 1105mm
M3A BP331112 BP331112-O 3 Basins 1655mm
M4A BP331118 BP331118-O 4 Basins 2205mm
M5A BP331124 BP331124-O 5 Basins 2755mm
M6A BP331130 BP331130-O 6 Basins 3305mm
M7A BP331136 BP331136-O 7 Basins 3855mm
M8A BP331142 BP331142-O 8 Basins 4405mm