Know your sink

Modern kitchens can have a number of sinks, for different purposes. For instance, a hygienic stainless steel shallow bowl for food prep; a deep bowl for washing dishes, and a small narrow bowl for waste disposal. You can configure these throughout your kitchen, in the way that suits you best.



A. Steel Grade
Stainless steel is very hygienic, and easy to clean, making it ideal for food preparation. The regular steel grade is 304, some Mercer bowls are available in the higher 316 marine grade steel.

B. Overflow
Used as a safety mechanism to reduce risk that a tap left on will result in a flood.

C. Flange
The lip around the bowl, it can protect the high wear edge around your sinkware.

D. Radius
This is the measurement of the bowl curves. Tight radius bowls are squarer in shape, for a modern look. However the larger radius bowls are easier to clean

E. Edge Profile.
There are a variety of edge profiles available, rolled super-safe edges are robust and have no sharp edges, the flat profile chamfered edges on the Mercer pressed top-mount bowls are safe and unobtrusive and the common laser edges are an easy to clean tight fit to the bench surface.

F. Shallow
Shallow bowls are perfect for food preparation and as an effective drainer. They leave plenty of room for underlying cabinetry and a great place to sit a dish-rack.

G. Size
Smaller bowls conserve water and bench space, larger bowls will accommodate bigger dishes, what is perfect for you?

H. Finish
Most sinkware is finished as brushed steel, which diffuses the reflective properties of the steel. It’s a good idea to view a range of samples as there will always be variations.

I. Pressed Method
The superior finish of sinkware drawn from one solid plate takes skill and years of understanding the art of stainless steel. Mercer delivers this for you from our dedicated sinkware plant in Christchurch. Craftsmen with hundreds of combined years of experience produce your sinkware with care.

J. Hand Welded Method
Also available in the Mercer range are entry level welded products. Still with the style and functionality you are looking for .

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