Mercer Interiors Ltd Under New Ownership – 21st April 2016

Mercer Interiors is under new ownership as a result of the sale of the business on the 2nd of February. The purchaser is an entity majority owned by Ivan Ramsey, who was the General Manager of MGL’s Interiors Division.

Under the new business name of Mercer Interiors Ltd – the company will look forward to growing the Interiors business with exciting new products from Wilsonart, and our New Zealand manufactured sink range during 2016 and beyond.

As part of the sale of the business, distribution has been consolidated in Christchurch, with the products distributed from Auckland ceasing.

The service standard from the new consolidated Christchurch is 24 hours for Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate and 48 hours for sinkware. Please notify customer service or your sales representative if this service standard is falling short.